Arbat street

Arbat street
Pic by John Menard | Flickr
Europe - Russian Federation - Moscow

Ultisa Arbat, Moscow, Russia, 129515
55°44'57.6"N 37°35'27.2"E
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Arbat street is one of Moscow's most emblematic avenues and one of the most extravagant streets in the city. It's the core of the Arbat neighborhood, a picturesque neighborhood where from centuries Moscow's artists, painters and intellectuals have come to live.
During the communist regime, this neighborhood was also where the high officials of the regime lived and it's one of Moscow's most expensive neighborhoods to live in nowadays. Arbat is now filled with cafés, restaurants, casinos and thousands of neon lights along with painters, musicians and mimes who refuse to let the neighborhood bohemian past die out. In this street there is also the largest bookstore in the city. This is a different place to stroll by and to get out of the Red Square core for some time.


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