Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States, and also one of the most important in the country. Close to Canada and located on the shore of Michigan Lake, in the State of Illinois, it's a very important city for industry, business, culture and science. Chicago is cosmopolitan, vibrating and the places of interest are neverending: Art galleries, museums, stores, a wide gastronomic offer, fascinating architecture.... For over three decades, Chicago had the tallest building in the world, the Willis Tower, and though the city can't brag about having the tallest view in the world, its skyline is dreamlike. Chicago is the city of skyscrapers –It has over 1,000!- and has earned its architectural reputation in the united states. It has buildings from the 20th century, designed by widely known architects like Lloyd Wright or Louis Sullivan, but the list of important constructions goes on to nowadays. The city is the cradle of many important athletic clubs, which have left a mark on history –like the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Cubs or the Chicago Bears- and has captivated many artists like Miró, Picasso and Chagall. Chicago is an intense and diverse city, with people from every country and many cultures. It’s a destination that includes so many activities and things to do that you have to visit it twice to get the full experience.
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Chicago Overview

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