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Antalya is one of Turkey's top rated tourist sites. The city is on the Mediterranean shores and its weather, natural environment and also the surrounding towns and cities give it a picturesque air. Antalya is on top of a cliff and it has an old quarter filled with narrow streets, shops, old houses and walls looking at the port, you can't miss it; besides the food in this place is almost to die for. Its... story is fascinating, because for centuries the Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks lived here and this is translated into amazing architectural remains. Among many other things, there's Hadrian's Gate, one of the best preserved arches of triumph from the roman era. Among the towns and villages in ruins there are around you can find archaeological ruins that are just as amazing, or even more so, than the ones in Rome or Greece but of course the icing on the cake is the Aspendos amphitheater, the best preserved one dated from roman times in the whole world.But this isn't all... what about the beaches? Antalya, as every good Mediterranean city, is surrounded by warm waters with corners that seem to be images from a postcard in summer. The entire Antalya region is full with activity and this city is a good place to set a basecamp from where to explore the spots in this area of Turkey. Its citizens are kind, friendly, shrewd and very open, they seem to always be willing to share an apple tea with you or to tell you your future using a cup of coffee. Talking to the local people is the best way to get to known Muslim culture and ancestral traditions, a unique opportunity to learn more about the different cultures in our world. And of course we can't forget Arabian desserts, lamb stews, sunsets or boat tours. Antalya is a different and exotic destination and there's no doubt that this is one of the places you have to visit at least once in your life.
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