Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in Antalya

International Antalya sand Sculpture Festival

This festival is one of Antalya exhibitions that's most focused on tourists and it's also considered the largest sand sculptures event around the world. Every year during May or June sand sculptors go to Antalya to give shape to over 10,000 tons of sand. Each year there is a theme to develop and artists must create their artworks based on the same concept. There's no doubt this is an amazing show for tourists. If you go to the festival do not forget your camera!


Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival

Aspendos Opera and Ballet festival is one of the most popular annual events in Antalya. Every year during June and July, the ancient Roman city of Aspendos hosts ballet and opera performances from different countries. The theater that hosts the event is one of the world's best preserved Roman amphitheaters and the truth is that seeing some of this performances is an unique and magical experience.


International Folk Music and Dance Festival

Every year during the month of August, the International Festival of Folk Music and Dance is organized. The event is a gift to all tourists because it brings together some of the best musicians, artists and dancers from Turkey. On this gathering you'll be able to see Turkish traditions and the country's folk culture through the various shows. This festival is certainly a good way to explore Turkey's cultural heritage while watching colorful and surprising performances.


Antalya Beach Park Rock Festival

Atalaya's Beach Park, is one of the city's areas with the most bars and beach clubs. After sunset many places become clubs and during October, for a weekend, Antalya's Beach Park Rock Festival is organized.


Antalya’s Festival

For 18 days in September, Antalya festival is held in the city. The festival begins on September 12 and ends on the 29th and during all this time activities and meals with friends or family are organized.


Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr

Each year, between September and October, Turkey and other Arabian countries celebrate the Ramadan. The Ramadan lasts for a month and is the time when Muslims abstain from eating during the day and only eat at night. During this time the services, businesses and shops may change their normal timetables.
The Eid ul-Fitr begins just a month after the Ramadan and marks the completion of the abstinence. During the first three days Muslims make religious celebrations, gather with friends and family and organize abundant and delicious meals.

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