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Goa is a paradise that’s located in India. It is the country's smallest state but its appeal makes more than 2 million people visit its shores each year. Its landscape is exotic: palm trees, crystal clear water with a warm temperature, sunshine and white sand. A small paradise that embraces part of the country's west coast. It used to be a Portuguese colony and the region joined the country later than other regions.... The colonization’s still present on its streets and architecture. Goa has two major tourist attractions: it’s a peaceful and beautiful place and on the other hand, it’s become one the favorite places for tourists who want to party and stay in an exotic and rural surrounding at the same time. There’s even a musical genre known as 'Goa trance'. In Goa, there are a lot of bars, restaurants and nightclubs which make a very tempting offer for travelers, although there’s no need to say they are not the only attraction. There are also its landscapes and beaches. Goa offers tons of alternatives for the tourist to enjoy. Discover it!
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Goa Overview

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