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Minorca (Menorca) is a small Mediterranean Island part of the Balearic Islands archipelago, in Spain. It's a small inspiring paradise to most, both for its nature and its villages. It was turned into Biosphere reserve in 1993 and has over 200km of coastline with dreamy coves and a temperate climate which turns it into the favourite destination to many! It's more than 50 beaches are very varied: white, fine sand coves... with woods in the south and desert-like, red-clay baths in the north. The many different sights in the island astonish many people. That, plus the architechture of its white, simple, clean villages turn Minorca into a dream postcard.
There are two main towns: Ciutadella and Maó, though there are many tourist attractive villages. Visiting Minorca means to unplug and to be calm, with it's remote cove and slowly paced life. Besides the beaches, it has other great attractions such as growing fields and many and more small, stone-walled roads so common there. Minorca is an all audience destination, whether you love the sea or not. Appart from dreamlike natural spaces, there many other things to do such as trecking, biking or kayaking, which make it the perfect place for a family, friends or couple vacation. And if you want to keep away from the sea there's an amazing cultural and food offer, as well as sailing and folk traditions.
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