Houston is the fourth biggest city of the United States and is one of the most important urban centers in the country. It is also the biggest city in the state of Texas, and is known as the “city of Oil&Gas”, the reason behind this is that this city is the kingdom of the Oil, and is also known as the “city without sidewalks”, because most of the population do not go around walking, but in cars, the typical... pick-up trucks, or the bus. Although these aren’t the only nicknames the city has, Houston is also popular for being the “beta city”, one of the leaders in the transport industry, also in medical and gastronomical areas, among many other things. Houston, also, shines for being the host of the Johnson Special Center, the control station for the missions of the NASA… “Houston, we have a problem here!”. For some years, the city has started to realize the importance of building design. During many years, many functional buildings rose, but without being attractive. The city had a really simple physiognomy. But today, things have changed, and the global aspect of the city already shines for many of the very attractive innovating buildings. One of the reasons that has fueled the change is the locals being multicultural and visitors that go to the city because it hosts many cultural and sanitary institutions, such as the museum district. Houston changes and adapts at the speed of light, their inhabitants are relaxed, nice people and it’s a destination that has many things to offer to its visitors.
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Houston Overview

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