Hawái, or Hawaii, is one of the US archipelagos and one of the most popular in the world.To many, these islands get the idea of paradise in detail since its flora, fauna and landscapes create wonderful sights. Placed in the middle of the Pacific, they are state 50 of the USA, a group of 6 islands to visit filled with treasures: deserted beaches, cliffs, falls, active volcanoes, deserts buried under lava or plam trees... dancing in the wind sprinkled turquoise sea.
Hawaii is synonymus of beaches, surf, sunsets, green lands and hula dances at the rythm of the ukelele. Bu that's not nearly the end of it: It's persons' traditions have a personal stamp and have made for a unique culture transmitted over generations for centuries. Hawai natives are happy, sporty, kind, quiet and optimistic. They're said to be the Americans with the longest life expectancy, which must be related to their environment and all it includes. Not only nature plays a capital role, their cookery does too. Inhabitants have tropical fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and legumes, all of which turn their meals into nice, healthy and balanced meetings. Hawaii's lifestyle hooks up: it's easy to get to the islands... Leaving them is a whole different story!
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Hawaii Overview

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