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Brussels, Belgium's capital, is one of those European cities that captivates you once you've seen it. Its streets are decorated with old buildings that are full of history along with modern constructions, curious businesses and large murals are on the facades of its houses. Few cities have Brussels' charm and culture, with more than 100 museums and dozens of Gothic monuments, plus fabulous food like waffles, chocolate,... beer or mussels with fries, that will satisfy even the most fussy eaters. Most European institutions and international organizations  have headquarters in Brussels, this is why it is considered to be Europe's capital.
The city offers endless activities and its size allows you to enjoy the best of the big cities along with the charm of small, quiet towns with pedestrian areas, parks and a family friendly atmosphere. And that's because not only the city is friendly, Belgian people, although at first, as a general rule, can come across as a bit cold- are actually quite friendly, willing to meet the visitor. Brussels is one of those places that slowly gets into people’s hearts, and then you have a hard time leaving it behind... a really hard time!
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Brussels Overview

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