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Warsaw is Poland's capital and its biggest city with over 1 million inhabitants. It's placed in the middle of Polish territory, by the shores of river Vistula, and its known for being the city which was reborn from its ashes after World War II. Warsaw is a city which has seen both prosperous and war and decadence times, which has marked its architectural style as well as its locals personality. The city was reduced to... ruins during WWII and the streets became deserted since most of its population was Jewish. But after the war, the downtown was totally rebuilt and was declared Universal Heritage old city by UNESCO. Wandering its streets and squares you'll discover palaces, monuments and representative buildings from its past and you'll be able to grasp its great evolution to the city it is today.It also has many parks and green areas to relax and listen to live music, things which move it away from its dark, communist past. Thoug some may prefer Kraków, Warsaw is the growth engine of the contry and amazes every visitor.
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