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The Algarve is one of the most visited regions of Portugal and one of the main touristy beach destinations in Europe. The area located in the South of the country is known for its coasts full of amazing cliffs, for its perfect weather the whole year and for being one of the favourite destinations among the surfers. That’s why some people call it the European California. This region is full of endless beaches, breathetaking... rocks and caves and beautiful fishing villages where you can find the most tasty fresh fish admiring the best views. The best way of travelling around Algarve is going from one coast to another crossing and stopping at some of the most valued villages. All these municipalities have a lot of history and their natural environment is simply precious. The cuisine of this area, and of Portugal in general, is exquisite, the cultural heritage is wide and worth to be discovered and the natural parks hide wonderful corners.
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Algarve Overview

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