Transport in Algarve


Algarve has a regional train line which connects Lagos with Faro and Faro with Vila Real de Santo Antonio. The trains are quite old but the service is good and cheap. Maybe the only issue is that some of them leave you a bit far away from the city centre, but you can always take a taxi until the centre or just walk.



Eva Bus

The Algarve Travellers Company (EVA) has some fixed routes which connects various cities in the region. The connections are good and you can arrive to almost the whole coastal municipalities. You need to know that most of these buses travel during the morning and during the afternoon there is less frequency.


Car rental

The best option for visiting Algarve is probably renting a private car, so you can visit villages, beaches and interesting attractions which you couldn’t easily visit with public transportation, and also do it whenever and however you want, not depending on somebody else.

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