Fort Myers is one of the most important cities in southern USA, in Florida. The State of Florida's the holidays place for many.  A tropical break near the Caribbean with crystal waters, warm temperatures, palm trees everywhere and the most coveted outdoor activities. Being so close to Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, havin been first colonized by Spaniards and still retaining some native-americans,... both Fort Myers and Florida mix several different cultures felt all over the place. Fort Myers' pce is relaxed, not just 'cause for having some of the most sought after coasts in the country but also for an enviable life standard. That's why though the city's pace is quiet,  it as well as Florida remain a great pilar for USA's domestic businesses and tourism. These lands were refugee to Thomas Edison or Henry Ford, and nowadays keep that same status to many Americans and Tourists who flee from the cold in the north to seek the sunny coasts of Mexico's Gulf.
Floridians are smiling, kind, open-minded persons with a deep latin influence. That makes it easy to them to meet new people.
The food in the city and in the state is very diverse and well-prepared. Southern Palates are demanding! Seafood's one of its stars but eh different cultures in the area have given an almost endless range of dishes. Florida's flavor's sweet, tasteful and very intense... Should you come across the chance to set foot ion these lands, jump in and your experience will be unforgettable!
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Fort Myers Overview

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