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Canada is one of the countries with the most spectacular landscapes in the world, known because of its snowy mountains, its lakes, its parks, and its untamable fauna. But the contrast in Canada’s guaranteed, as leaving aside its incredible natural environment, it also shelters some of the most cosmopolitan cities, with the most cultural diversity in the world, as in the case of Toronto. Known as the crystal city -Because... of the looks of its buildings- or the Canadian New York, Toronto is almost touching the border with the United States and over half its population comes from other countries. This makes it one of the most multicultural cities in the world. On its streets  Chinese, Indian, South-American and Even Irish celebrations mix. The communities live in harmony, but located in different areas of the city, making a mosaic of traditions and cultures worth knowing. Toronto is a highly visited city because of its proximity with the famous Niagara’s fall, but the urban area also holds many attractions for tourists: Museums, great constructions like the CN Towers, or streets filled with history and a cheerful urban life. Being located on the shore of Ontario Lake it also offers typical activities from the maritime city, like boat trips or beach days. A visit to this city is synonym of fun, thanks to the great cultural offer and sporting activities, such as the chance of enjoying a rich culture and gastronomy unique in just one city.
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