Punta Cana is one of the most popular tropical paradises in the world and it’s no wonder… it’s a dreamlike location: turquoise waters, green palm trees, white sand, coconut trees and sun almost every day on the year. Punta Cana is part of Dominican Republic and is the name of the Eastern Cape of this country. Many of the beaches in this zone have been declared World Heritage sites by the UNESCO, so there’s no... question that thousands of people travel to this wonderful corner of the world to witness this paradise. Not only are the beaches photos you’ve seen on postcards, Punta Cana and Dominican Republic  have a wide range of tropical vegetation and wildlife, which are also very exotic. The ocean view is also one of the great attractions of the Dominican Cape, it’s a very coveted place for those who enjoy water activities like surf, windsurf, diving and snorkel. Aside from the dreamlike landscapes, the Dominican People are very warm and hospitable; as the saying states: where two people can eat, three can. They are said to be a happy society, one of the happiest in the world, and they seek fun on every corner even though there are, clearly, economical inequalities.
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Punta Cana Overview

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