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Casablanca is one of the busiest Moroccan cities. The contrast is assured and the history that fills it is fascinating. On a shopping level it has a very significant role but it's also the home of many artists of the country. Casablanca's the second largest Moroccan city and headquarters of Moroccan industry and so as with international companies, which makes it the economic capital of the country. The city may not be... the most exotic destination of Maghreb, but it has much to offer to visitors. Its architectural heritage is remarkable and includes many different styles of buildings such as colonial buildings. It’s also a place where the country artists can spread their creations and export them around the world. The harbour is the largest in North Africa and one of the largest in the world. The Baidanís or Bedawas, citizens of Casablanca, are more open to the ideas of West than in other parts of the country and this is reflected in the pace of the city and the people. Casablanca's the first contact with Morocco and to many it's one of its most dazzling cities.
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Casablanca Overview

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