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Lanzarote is one of the islands of the Canarian archipelago of the Canarrian Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite being nearer to Africa, Canarian Islands belong to Spain, and the archipelago has 7 islands and some smallers. One of the most special features of Lanzarote is that an important part of its territory is volcanic soil which means that there are amazing landscapes: lunar landscapes, wild cliffs, dark volcanoes,... caves, black sand beaches and many vineyards. Many villages have taken advantage of the volcanic rocks to build their houses and gardens, most of them with black walls and some white elements under the sunlight. The fauna and flora is also very interesting, specially under the water, that’s why Lanzarote was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993, which proofs the natural wealth of the island. Lanzarote has been the home of artists like César Manrique who is very well considered worldwide. Lanzarote has also a perfect weather during the whole year, so you don’t need more reasons to just visit it.  
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Lanzarote Overview

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