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Beijing is the capital of the Peoples Republic of China and the country's political and cultural center. It's an enormous city with over 20. M inhabitants. All of China's culture is over 3.000 years old, and what's most fascinating about it is that it remains almost unspoiled. Few places in the wolrd can match Beijing's historical sights. The capital, translated to romanesque languages as Pekin, holds 6 UNESCO's world... heritage sights!!!! That's something never matched by a single city.
China is filled with amazing palaces, imperial buildings and hundreds of well preserved temples.Beijing holds the Forbidden City, a royal palace which makes a big change from hutongs alleys, the more traditional residential areas of the city which are totally packed with people: everyone moving around while elderly ones, often in htier pyjamas keep an eye on kids running around from a home to the next one.
Beijing got transformed by 2008 olimpics: modern buildings qere rosen and wide, green areas were created. The city holds a whole new architectural ambition today.
China's capital city is one of contrasts, chaotic, endless and in a neverending evolution but which remains true to itstraditions.People are open and generally kind though their traditions may be quite shocking. Beijing is always in movement and colorful, food is exceptional, beer is extremely cheap and tea is delicious. Tai Chi is one of the main activities: you will find people practising this martial art in every park, while other paint the sky with kite. And on top of that, the Great Wall of China twists in the northern part of the city, waiting and protecting its inhabitantts.
Beijing has an endless and unexpected offer in a country with lots to offer and to teach.
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