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Beirut is the capital of the Lebanon, an amazing Middle East country located between Syria and Israel. The city is a very old one, full of history and a rich culture, but specially, as many people say, it has many different faces definetely worth to be explored. Beirut has also a wide variety of religions, concretely, there are 18 religious communities in the Lebanese capital. Also, there is 1 doctor every 10 people in... the Lebanon, that’s one of the reasons (maybe) why many people go there to take cosmetic surgery. It is said that during the war many doctors did the specialization of surgery, and so when it ended they specialized on the esthetic one, so nowadays Lebanon is one of the cheapest countries to get this type of practices in their region. The Lebanon is the second smallest country in the Middle East.Before the civil war in 1975 the city was called “The Paris of the Middle East”, a city without any doubt with an amazing strategic location connecting the West with the East, but probably also because the whole country really used to be French. Between 1920 and 1943 they were under the French occupation, also called the French “mandate”. Nowadays, it has changed a lot since then, and it has many interesting sites and must-see attractions. One very remarkable fact is that the country has the greatest fragment of Ancient Rome outside Rome city.
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