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Girona is a city that marks you. Not only the appeal of its old town and surrounding area is indisputable, but the natural environment and the people surrounding this Catalan city in Spain is fantastic... the sea and the mountains basically go hand in hand. Girona is authentic, it's well maintained and all it's people love it. Few are those who speak ill of it. Gironans boast about their city with sympathy and pride and... it's no wonder. It's capital of this region of Catalonia, whic is a land with nature, agriculture, industry, handcraft, good cuisine and folk traditions. The province of Girona is often compared with Italian Tuscany, but with a point in its favor: Costa Brava. Costa Brava has fantastic villages, beaches and caves where days are lived intensely under the sun of the Mediterranean Sea. 
Sports culture and, above all, cycling is deeply rooted in this land. And don't forget good wine, l’Empordà, rural hotels in masies -the old traditional houses of Catalan farmers - and good restaurants. Girona is on of the Spanish regions with the most Michelin-starred chefs but it's no surprise, good eating is the main criterion of Gironans. The city -and the province in general- gets people excited... few know how to escape the magic it exudes. And as some Gironans say when you visit their lands, 'do you come or do you stay'?
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