Transport in Girona


Girona has 10 bus lines that connect almost all districts of the city but there are busses that travel to the nearest towns. Tickets can be purchased within the same bus or in places to buy/recharge your card and there are different kinds: Single or Multi-Ride tickets. 


In Girona, the train connects the city with other major towns in the region or country. Still, it's not the most adequate transportation in the city because it doesn't take you to several of its neighborhoods. It's a convenient option to go to Barcelona or the coastal towns of the region. 


In Girona there are several companies offering taxi services. The main stops are at the bus stations, in the trains of adif in girona, in Independence Square and in Joan Maragall Street. You can call them on the street or by phone, they all have taximeters -the price increases for night trips- and they're usually white. 


Girona is one of the regions of Catalonia, and Spain in general, with the most cycling tradition. Its natural environment makes it one of the most popular sports and its proximity to France made the sport spread. Riding a bike in Girona is a great way to discover the city, there are several companies that rent bikes and you'll be able to move along the lanes that are scattered around the city. 

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