Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in Girona

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi is the patron saint of Catalonia and the entire autonomous community celebrates it with enthusiasm on April 23rd. It's the day of love and culture in Catalonia and the streets are filled with roses and books, it's crowded wherever you look. The tradition says that men should give a rose to their loved ones while girls should give them a book, but now women and men and books and roses are given away. It's a really nice day to live close to the tradition of Catalonia and it's intensely lived in the city of Girona. 

Primavera Festival

A wek before Sant Jordi, mid-April, Primavera Festival (as Spring Festival) is held in Girona with many programmed activities. That's when 'Tralà', Girona's symbol, is taken out to the street. It's a figure stuck to a pole that's placed in hte busiest street in the city and which get swung so that it moves around at certain times of the day.

Girona Gastronomy Week

For one whole week in March, restaurants in Girona city, Gironès, Pla de l'estany and La selva include  traditiona dishes at cheap prices in their menus. This allows customers to have a real taste of their best products. Girona is famous for its agriculture, meat and wine, and a traditionally cooked dish made by one of its chefs won't disappoint you! 

Flower Festival of Girona "Temps de Flors"

The flower festival "Temps de Flors" of Girona is famous throughout Catalonia. For 10 days of May the Gironans decorate the gardens, streets and buildings of the city with thousands of flowers. The result is spectacular and it's a great attraction for tourists. The whole city is filled with spring colors while activities for all ages are organized. 

Fires de Sant Narcís

Sant Narcís is the patron of the city of Girona and it's usually celebrated the last week of October or in early November. Throughout the city, some activities are organized, such as concerts, exhibitions, children's activities, "correfocs" -shows on the street with music, animated characters and lots of firecrackers and fireworks-, castellers -the typical and spectacular human towers from Catalonia-, handcraft markets and more. A curious activity is that for some years the 'castellers' (human towers makers) of the region meet in front of the Cathedral of Girona to make a human tower of 4 floors of only one person, one above the other. The goal is that the tower doesn't fall while climbing the stairs to reach the temple. It's a fascinating and exciting spectacle and the Cathedral Square is crowded. These days are good time to visit the city and to see the environment on the street, Girona gets packed!

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