Costa Rica is a Caribbean paradise. Costa Rica not only has dreamlike beaches, it also has a beautiful landscape and it’s full of great biodiversity, these things make Costa Rica a really attractive place to visit. Mountains, natural reserves, jungles, rivers, volcanoes, beaches to surf, coasts with black sand, colored sunsets, palm trees, crystalline waters… of course, nature is one of the most valued treasures of... this country. The vibes of Costa Rica are the Ticos, very nice and open people who are proud locals and excellent hosts. They love good food, sharing long conversations and to lead a happy life. The American influence is quite present and every day there are many more products and services from North America. Although the essence of Costa Rica remains and the country is still sharing and promoting  its culture and traditions. Tourism is one of the strengths of the economy, those who offer rice and beans at every hour, of every day. To travel to Costa Rica leaves a mark in many ways, the country is pura vida... savor it!
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Costa Rica Overview

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