Abu Dhabi
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Contrary of what some people might think, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, despite Dubai is the busiest city, and of course the city is also the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the biggest of the seven emirates forming the united coutnry. The city has 1,8 million citizens. Abu Dhabi is located on a T-shaped island in the Persian Gulf, and it is thought that the two thirds of the United Arab Emirates... economy belongs to this one. The name “Abu Dhabi” means literally “Father of the Gazelle”, but it is still uncertain why it has this name. Similar than a part of Dubai, Abu Dhabi used to be a famous city for its Pearl business until the 1930’s, when the oil discoveries and interest started to increase in the whole region. In 1936 the Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan al Nahyan agreed to start exploring for oil. The Emirati capital has many must-see attractions worth to visit but the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is probably the most representative symbols of the emirate, and it is the largest mosque in Abu Dhabi. Its construction finished in 2007. Abu Dhabi can also show off of amazing parks and gardens, with more than 2.000 parks and gardens and over 400 km of coast (just 10 km are public). The Lake Park is one of the most famous and most visited parks in the city. Indians are the largest ethnic group in the United Arab Emirates and most of them live in Abu Dhabi.  
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Abu Dhabi Overview

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