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Saudi Arabia Kingdom is one of the countries in the Middle East which are more representative for the Islam, and it is ruled by an absolute monarchy. During the last decades it has become one of the richest regions in the world thanks to the oil, but it is also importan Riyadh t because it has some archaeological relics very interesting and also it is famous for being a country not very accessible to visit. Riyadh, the... capital, is one of the main and central parts for the development of Saudi Arabia and the main economical and political centre.In the past it was known for its dates and special vegetables. In a very arid location, like the rest of the country, the city had some underground waters and it was very popular for its dates and for being one of the main routes in the desert. The city is one of the most internationalized places in the country, even it can be described asa quiet conservative territory, preserving the old Saudi Arabian traditions. Visiting this country with its capital is probably a unique experience and very interesting, but it is very important to be respectful with the local people and the culture and traditions they have, specially when it comes to the role that men and women still have in the society (not even near of how it is nowadays in other countries). If you are a woman, it is important to cover yourself while you are in the street. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, and it is important to not have with you any object or symbol which can be offensive for the culture of the country. It is essential to get information before you start your trip to Riyadh, and despite this control and stict rules, there is a magic city, full of bazars, smells and beautiful traditions.
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