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Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, a beautiful town full of history, delicious gastronomy and culture. During lots of years, it was one of the most important and influential capitals in Europe thanks to its perfect location touching the Atlantic, but also for being home of discoverer which discovered the American lands and open this new continent to the world. This historical background has also filled the city... with amazing monuments and with an intense cultural offer which amazes every visitor. The city was renewed almost completely after the earthquake in the 1755, but despite the adversities, Lisbon is a city which has something very special and unique which attracts people to come back constantly. The tram is one of its identity symbols, many of the city neighbourhoods instill a very home-loving energy, but probably overall, the cuisine and the night life are very interesting and intense, worth to be discovered during days. So, if you are planning a trip to Lisbon, more or less, what you can expect is: amazing environment, charming people, warm weather and the good life next to the Tajo river. It is impossible to think about Lisbon and not think about a fado, a good wine glass and a view of the sunset from viewpoints or charming terraces.
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