Transport in Lisbon

In Lisbon there are many transportation options to move around the city and to avoid many of the up hill streets inside the city. There are many types of tickets which let you move using any transport during various days and to save some money.  



Metro Lisboa

Lisbon metro has 4 lines which connect various points of the city. It is very useful if you are staying far away from the city centre and also to get around from the airport: there is a line which connects directly the Terminal 1 with the Lisbon city centre. The metro doesn’t arrive to certain zones of the city like the neighbourhood of Alfama or Bélem, these areas are connected through the tram. Trains operate from 6:30 until 1 at night.



Transportes Lisboa

The Lisbon tram has become one of the most touristic points of the city. There are 5 routes and in 4 of them you can still find the traditional yellow ones. The good thing of this transportation option is that it arrives to almost all parts of the city, even in parts which look imporssible, like small and weird streets and up hill ones. The most famous line is the E28, because it crosses the Alfama neighborhood, the Barrio Alto until the Estrela. A trip in any of this funny vehicles is a nice experience and a good way to get a general view of the city.



Carris Lisboa

The funiculars of Lisbon are a symbol of the city. Basically they are funiculars which go up to the high neighbourhoods of the capital. There are 3 main funiculars: Elevador do Lavra, Elevador da Glória and Elevador da Bica. The three of them work with the same ticket of the metro and the tram. Also, there is the famous funicular of Santa Justa, the only one which is completely vertical and nowadays it is just a touristic attraction.



Transportes Lisboa

The limitations of the metro network to communicate the whole city is the readon why many local people use the bus options to move around. It is a quick and cheap option to move around, but maybe as a tourist attraction is not the best option or the nicest. Each line of bus has its own schedule, but usually they operate from 6h until 21h. There are also some night buses, some of them are for free.



Taxis Lisboa

Taxis in Lisbon are very comfortable, specially is you have to travel big distances and you have some heavy luggage. Tariffs are usually not expensive and you can find taxis almost everywhere in every street of Lisbon, even in the streets of the crowded Barrio Alto.




The train is a perfect transportation option to visit cities around Lisbon like the villages of Sintra or Cascais, but it is not the perfect option to move inside the city. In Lisbon, you will find many stations but the main ones are the Rossio station, Orient station, Santa Apolonia station and the Casi do Sodré station.



Transportes Lisboa

It is the transportation option to cross the Tajo river. There are 3 piers to take the boats: Belém, Cais do Sodré and Terreiro do Paço. There you will also find some touristic companies which organize cruises through the river.

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