Saint Petersburg
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Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia and one of the cities with a highest cultural heritage in the country. It is located in the delta of the Neva river. The water is more than the 10% of the city, which explains why many people call it the Northern Venice, because it has several water canals, islands and bridges. Named as the Leningrad in 1924 in honour to Lenin, the city took back its original name... which refers to the apostle Saint Peter in 1991.Probably the biggest attractive of this huge city is all the number of magnificent buildings, palaces and streets that is has, most of them heritage from the ancient tsars who transformed this city into one of the most beautiful in the world. Saint Petersburg has survived wars, various political systems and hard times for the population, but the city has kept the same through the years. Very cold one in the winter, but with the white nights in the summer, when the sun never goes down, the city is like an open air museum which is definetely worth to be admired and explored.
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Saint Petersburg Overview

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