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The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, a city with a population of more than 800.000 citizens, almost a quarter of the whole population of Croatia. The city is surrounded by the mountain of Medvednica and it opens tot he Sava river and it has a rich history and culture. Its Upper Down part of the city is spectacular. The Zagreb Cathedral with its neo-Gothic style is also something very representative and... an important symbol of the city’s history. The Zagreb Green Horseshoe square is always a meeting point and considered the “very centre” of the city. For those who doing a “Balkan route” it is interesting to know that buses going from capital to capital (or private cars) take usually between 6 and 8 hours. So, for example, a trip to Belgrade (Serbia) takes around 6 hours and the same to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and to Ljubljana just 2. Zagreb has a quiet common “European environment” but at the same time it has that “Balkan touch”, which makes it very special and worth to visit. If you want to take advantage and visit the beach, Zagreb is located about 2 hours driving from the sea. Some of the must-see attractions in Zagreb are the following: the Museum of Broken relationships, Mirogoj cemetery, Vinodol fair, Mundoaka street food, Dolac Market, Zrinjevac, Lauba private art collection, Fuliranje holiday market, Kino Europa (the oldest cinema in the city), the Courtyards, Zinfadel’s, Hrelic, Trg Bana Jelacica, Lotrscak Tower, Gric Tunnel, Museum Mimara, Maksimir Park or the Museum of Illusion.
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