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The Portuguese island of Madeira has a volcanic origin and it is located around 2 hours by plane from Lisboa. It belongs to the Archipielago of Madeira together with other islands: porto Santo island and the group of uninhabited islands of Desertas and Selvagens islands. Madeira is considered one of the most interesting islands for the nature travellers and lovers, mostly in Europe. Thanks to its unique... weather, you can enjoy there the whole year. It has a very wide range of biodiversity and its microclimates offer amazing landscapes, very interesting specially for hikers. The island is not known for its beaches, actually, the region has a very sheer shape, so it is a bit difficult to take a bath and swim in many parts, but at the same time, these shapes and cliffs give to the island a very special personality. Madeira is also known as the “Flower island” or the “Atlantic Garden” for the wide number of flowers and vegetation in its forests. The island is a real green wonder.
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