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India is a country where culture, history and traditions coexist with incredible contrasts and an overpopulation that makes it a real experience to visit. Mumbai, also known as Mumbai in Hindi, is the most populated city in the country and it's the maximum exponent of all these features that make India one of the most beloved countries but also one of the most hated ones.
The richest live and most respectable citizens... of India in Mumbai along with the poorest and most despised Indian caste. Each neighborhood of this bustling city hides small treasures of the fascinating culture and history of this country and you'll find many temples of different religions and ethnic groups. Besides, Mumbai's the Mecca of Bollywood, the Indian film industry and which generates even more revenues than Hollywood itself. Two totally different worlds that divide the city and turn make it an amazing one with mixtures of east and west. Mumbai's a hard and unfair city to some but interesting and romantic to others. Anyway, it leaves no one cold.
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Mumbai Overview

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