Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv is a land of history, religion and good food. It's Israel’s second most active city, after Jerusalem, and it’s bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Its inheritance of the Arabic culture turns it into a fascinating destination because it’s the city of the world where the biggest Jewish population lives, though Christianity and Islam coexist in harmony in the city.Its people are friendly, open-minded and very... cosmopolitan, in concordance with the city’s DNA. Among the streets of Tel Aviv, there are unsuspected art galleries, surprising culinary recipes and a very dynamic outdoor life, always accompanied by a good scent of coffee. One of the reasons the city is reputated is for its more than 4,000 Bauhaus buildings –one of the most influential architectural currents of modern times- which turn Tel Aviv into the city with the most buildings of this style and, since year 2003, has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This Israeli city’s cultural movement is very important, just like education, shopping activity and sports. Besides, Tel Aviv has a great amount of green areas to come into contact with nature and have good, relaxing times. Tel Aviv comes in as a surprise, and the more time you spend in the city, the hardest it is to leave it.
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Tel Aviv Overview

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