New Delhi
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India is the country of contrasts, colors and scents. From north to south its appearance changes a lot, not just because of their vast territory. The climate varies slightly from north to south and it's also  one of the most populated countries in the world. In fact it’s among the top three. New Delhi is the capital of India and it's the result of the merge of seven cities that were built one on top of each other.... Delhi extends in an extraordinary way, almost uncontrolled through the streets, buildings, people and monuments. Disorder reigns everywhere but in all this confusion there are real wonders that awaken all the senses. From buildings to the smallest detail, through an intense and tasty cuisine and a history that accompanies the city which leaves everyone speechless. In the capital it's almost impossible to escape the noise of cars and people, but in this mess you may suddenly, out of nowhere, find a modest shop with authentic handcrafted treasures or on a corner a group of residents dancing to the beat of drums.
India is a land of sunrises, yoga, spices, colorful fabrics and dances. Delhi is the starting point to visit the rest of India, a unique place in the world where youmust expect the unexpected.
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New Delhi Overview

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