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Taiwan is one of the most interesting Asian countries to visit. Its population is a fusion of Chinese, indigenous and Confucianist traditions and cultures, that with the years, they have been reclaiming their own traditions. One surprising fact of this island is that the modern style combines perfectly in harmony with the most ancient traditions, something which gives a very special energy to the place.... Taiwan is also known as the Beautiful Island, because the people fall in love with its streets.The city of Taipei is the most populated city and the capital of Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China. The city is located on the Taipei Basin (valleys between Keelung and Xindian rivers). Taipei is a city full of food vendors in the streets, with 9555 neighbourhoods, 456 villages and a population of 2,7 million.In the Taiwanese capital, you can experience the ancient Chinese history visiting for example the Taipei’s National Palace Museum. Also, you can try the pearl milk tea and enjoy the famous and charming Lantern Festival. Taipei has a very special and unique night market and the street food is delicious. It is also very worth to go hiking, in the city you have the Elephant Mountain, just a short distance from Taipei 101, perfect spot for Instagrammers. Also a bit further  (just a short car ride from Taipei), there are many other natural sites, being the nearest the Yangmingshan National Park.
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