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Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and it is one of the European capitals with lowest population but with the highest living standards of the continent. Osla is located in a fjord which has the same name, the Oslofjord in Norway, consisting of 40 islands and 343 lakes surrounded by stunning nature. The city enjoys of a past full of medieval mythology and Vikings, but nowadays it has a clear foccus to an avant-garde future... which can be already admired in some of the most modern parts of the city. The Norwegian city is a small town but vibrant, with a lot of nature around, parks and urbanism, coliving with harmony. In the same trip you can camp in the middle of the mountain and visit the most famous museums of the country. Its streets are organized, always clean and if you are lucky and while you visit Oslo it is sunny, you will find out how beautiful it can be.
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Oslo Overview

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