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Geneve is the second largest and important city of Switzerland, after Zurich. It is located in an idyllic environment by the Lake Geneva (the biggest lake in Europe) and by the Rhône river, next to the Swiss Alps. It is known as the “Parks’ City” because it has so many green zones which lets you practice many activities in the nature like skying or hiking.Geneve is a very cosmopolitan city with many citizens from... other countries who work in important international organizations like UN or the World Health Organization.Switzerland has always been very neutral in conflict periods, and that’s the main reason why many important organizations have settled their headquarters there. Furthermore, Geneva is considered a very important financial and diplomatic centre, with also a leading role on the clocks, jewellery and scientific instruments manufacturing. During the last decades, Geneva has become one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, but also with a high life quality, with pure air, lots of nature and a good and tasty gastronomy. It is a clean city, efficient and well organized, and some people call it the Peache capital city, because its population is considered very tolerant, respectful and open-minded. Geneva belongs to the French-speaking part of the country.
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