The Caribbean is a dream destination for many. One of the best places to enjoy the sun, the beach and the cultural movement is San Juan Bautista, popularly known as San Juan and capital of the island and country of Puerto Rico. This city was one of the first to be discovered by Europeans in America, so there are some traditions of the old continent, especially of the Spanish culture. Currently, San Juan is a Commonwealth... of the United States and a curious fact: it's the oldest city in America, dating from 1521. Its architecture is the result of a mixture between colonial style and Latin American and Caribbean influences, an exotic fusion, yet a really good one. Puerto Ricans are also characterized for being cheerful, open and romantic, a character that goes very well with its tropical climate and environment. The city, surrounded by a wall, is full of life: its neighborhoods, in constant motion, are full of façades with bright colors, exotic plants and trees, lots of sun and little shade, and the bright and cheerful tropical air can be breathed everywhere. All these elements combined with the spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters make San Juan, and Puerto Rico in general, one of the most desired destinations for most lovers of the sea and the beach.  
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San Juan Overview

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