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Paris has a unique European personality and has a really long list of places that makes it both unique and famous all over the world. Capital of France, it is known for being the nest of couples in love but is also popular for being one of the capitals of fashion in Europe, the café latte, croissants and also having the perfect symbiosis between art and design. Paris is an amazing destination and has been the cradle... of thousands of fantastic architectural constructions as well as museums globally known for their valuable works. Cold in the winter and hot in the summer, it is a good destination in any situation: as a couple, with friends or family. Paris is huge, endless. It has many neighborhoods with their own dynamic and rhythm. The mixture of cultures among Parisians draws a very diverse landscape, giving a lot of life and enriching the city. The French capital is a highly recommended place to visit, a destination that has a lot to offer and very few can resist its charms.
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Paris Overview

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