Transport in Beirut

Car rental

One also good option to visit Dublin and its surroundings is renting a car, but don’t forget you’ll have to drive on the right side! In the city you’ll find many car rental companies like Budget, Avis, Sixt or Europcar.


Beirut Bus

Unfortunately, there is no website where you can check the buses in Beirut. There are mainly 2 companies, one public and one private. The main stations where you can take buses are Doura and Cola. These are the following bus lines:

-        Bus number 7: Mathaf – Bharsaf

-        Bus number 12: Wardieh – Bourj Brajneh

-        Bus number 14: Cola – Qmatiye

-        Bus number 6: Cola – Jbeil (Byblos)

-        Bus number 15: Ain Mreisse – Dora

-        Bus number 8: AUH – Ain Saade

-        Bus number 2: Hamra – Antelias

-        Bus number 5: Ain Mreisse: Choueifat

-        Bus number 15: Cola – Qmatiye

-        Bus number 9: Barbir – Nahr Al Maut

-        Bus number 1: Hamra – Khaldeh

-        Bus number 4: AUH – Choueifat

-        Bus number 24: Radio Liban – Mathaf Bharsaf

-        Bus number 5: Radio Liban – Fanar

-        Bus A: Dora – Beirut Airport

Buses usually cost between 1.000 and 2.000 Lebanese pounds.


Taxi cabs and Uber

In Beirut there are 3 possible taxi options. One is the regular taxi, which has the recognizable sign of TAXI and it is usually the most expensive option. The second one is the called “Service”, which means basically that you negotiate the price before getting on and it is a shared ride, so the taxi can stop and other people can get on as well, sometimes it might take a bit longer but it is cheaper. The third option is to take an Uber from the app, which always works good. It is very recommended to call a taxi in advance in case you want to do a long trip or if you want it to pick you up at Hariri Airport.  

Beirut Online Taxi: +961 71 659 399

Alfa taxi: +961 1 560 910

Allo taxi: +961 1 517 030



It is fairly easy to get out of the city. There is some wonderful scenery from all the mountains surrounding Beirut, where you can also enjoy of a cooler temperature and a fresher air. It is very recommended to go up to  any mountain (the most common route includes visiting the Seeders), most of them located at 30-40 minutes by car from Beirut city centre.

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