Transport in Casablanca


In Casablanca there are two main bus stations; CTM and Ouelad zyan. The first is downtown and the second is on the outskirts of Casablanca. Going by bus is a curious experience and they don't usually follow timetables so you won't probably arrive on time wherever your going.


ONCF Espace Voyageurs
The train is one of the good options to get from the Casablanca airport to the center of the city or to travel to other cities. There are three main stations, Mohamed V, Casa Port and Casa Voyageurs. The Mohamed V station connects quite well with the airport and with Rabat or Sala. From Casa Port, in the oldest part of the city, Rabat and Jadeda are also easily reached. The third best station, the Voyageurs House, is the most important if you want to go to Fez, Tangier and Marrakech. Trains begin to circulate at about 6am and the last from the airport sets off at about 22.45h. 


Petit Taxi are the most common vehicles in Casablanca and tend to be red. Generally, taxi drivers get along with French and a bit of English so if you master any of these languages you can get by. There are many companies that offer the service but you must be cautious not to simly jump into one: make sure you haggle the price before the journey and don’t accept to go to a friend's or partner's shop because they’ll make you buy something.  

Ferries and boats

Some of the tourists arriving in Casablanca decide to do so by boat. The port of Casablanca is one of the biggest there is in the world and ships arrive from around the world with tourists to meet and greet Morocco.

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