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It’s no coincidence that there is a song by Los del Río that says "Seville has a special color", since this Spanish city and provincial capital of Andalusia hooks any visitor who steps foot here. Nor is it a coincidence that it receives thousands of tourists every year from all around the world to walk through its streets, eat a tapa or enjoy the sun on the banks of the Guadalquivir. Its old town is the largest in... Spain with almost 4 square kilometers . You can find a large amount of historic buildings and monuments that make up a movie-like attrezzo . Sevilla is the only inland city of the Spanish state with a port, because the Guadalquivir — the river that crosses the city — allows the passage of some boats. Seville is the city of oranges, flamenco, the southern sun, the Sevillian rebujitos, the smell of orange blossom, tapas, cañas and the April Fair. It is an amazing city that hooks whoever visits. You won't regret visiting; it is quite likely you will want to return.
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