Festivities, Holidays and Traditions in Warsaw

Greasy Thursday

Carnival's last Thursday is Greasy Thursday in Poland, a traditional holiday in Poland and some other european countries consisting in eating high calories food to get ready for Lent. They usually eat Packzi in Poland, a traditional cake.

Day of the Working Woman

March 8th is the Day of the working woman. Though it has an American origin, it's held in Poland since its communist days. Men present women with canrations as a sign of respect. 

April's Fool

April 1st, which gives name to the holiday, is jokes day in Poland, known as April's fool in other countries. For a day, polish make unharmful jokes to friends and relatives. It's a funny day where everyone signs up for joking.

Constitution day

May 3rd is constitution day all over the country. Commemorating its first Carta Magna in 1791. Polland was the 2nd coutry in the world to have it just after the USA. Most Polish take a holiday on May 2nd too, Flag's day, creating a 3 day vacation all together. 

Saint John's Eve

June 23rd is really popular in Poland. People get folk clothes on and go out on the street to celebrate the shortest night of the year. Many cities celebrate with fires and Saint John's fair where they eat the famous bigos.

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