Transport in Hawaii


The bus
Oahu is the only island that can be fully gone through in public transport. Connection among cities is good and there are high frequancy schedules. Hiring a car is a lot more comfortable though, and you can do it on any island.

Rent a car

To visit the inside of the islands the best option is to rent a car since that's the only way not to miss a spot. Roads are good and signposts are all right. It's ideal to make it a 4x4 since on some of the smaller islands or on remote areas paths may get a little tricky. We recommend booking the car in advance.


Cheap Tickets
Cheap tickets is a great website to find plane tickets to move from one island to another one. Flying is the fastest option since it doesn't take longer than half an hour. They're always small but reliable airlines such as Hawaii airlines, Mokulele airlines or Island air.


Molokai Ferry – Go Lanai
You can also take a ferry from one island to the next one. They only sail between Maui and Lana'i and between Maui and Moloai. Prices are cheaper than the plane and you can enjoy the sight of the islands from the sea. If you're planning on visiting more than one island you must take them into consideration.

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