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Panama is a small country in Central America which is highly influenced by other cultures. Many say it is a melting pot of cultures and this is reflected in the gastronomy, architecture and traditions of its towns and cities. Panama is the southernmost country of Central America, one of its most important wonders is the Panama Canal, a waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific and serves as a shortcut... to exchange goods around the planet. Panama has almost 4 million people; its locals are very proud of their roots and their people. Panamanians are cheerful, hospitable and very energetic –especially when speaking- and dislike people bad mouthing their country. The capital of Panama is Panama City, but it is not the original capital. A few years ago the big city was located in what is known today as "Panama la Vieja" (‘Panama the Old’), but a fire during colonial times forced the capital city to change. The country is a natural paradise in all its facets: the beaches, the inland areas and also culturally. The vegetation is lush, the waters are crystal clear and the intellectual, entrepreneurial and artistic movement is booming. Surely it is one of the countries that has more holidays and in almost all of them you will find the rhythm of rumba and reggae, along with the quintessential Panama hat on most tables while they prepare a rice dish or a Panamanian sancocho. Although the country is heavily influenced by North America -most do not like to express that fact-, people have maintained their traditions and backgrounds and they are always open to talk about their country to anyone who asks them.
Panama is a dreamland, a corner of the world where there is so much to explore. You will need a lot of time  to see, explore and repeat everything.
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