Transport in Moscow


Moscow is considered to be the city of the 5 seas since from its rivers and canals you can get to 5 different seas: the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the White Sea and the Mediterranean. Moscow has two terminals for passengers and regular cruise routes on the Moskva and Oka River where you can get to St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.


Moscow's metro is considered to be one the most important attractions in the city. It's known as the Underground Palace because of the facilities' amazing architecture on each of its stops.
This metro is one of the most crowded ones in the world so it's also the third longest. It has 12 lines and 200 stops, so anyone can get almost anywhere in the city. It's open from 6 am to 1 am. And here's a fun fact: to know which direction you are traveling you have to pay attention to the PA! If you hear a man that means you're getting closer downtown, if you hear a woman, then you're getting away from it, towards the outlying areas.


Russian Trains
The train's one of the Muscovites' favorite means of transport to get from one city to another, specially from Moscow to go to St. Petersburg, since it's a very cheap way to travel. The city has 9 stations near downtown and on each of them trains to various cities in Europe and Asia depart. In addition, from Moscow you can take the famous Trans-Siberian train that goes all across Russia to Vladivostok.


Bus ruz
The bus is the second most popular mean of transport in the city. The vehicles are usually modern but the service is somewhat slow due to the traffic chaos in Moscow's streets. Most lines go downtown but some of them go to the suburbs too. The stations of the state lines are indicated with the letter A and private lines with a K and an E. Busses operate from 5:30a.m. to 1:00a.m.


Tram Ruz
Since the metro system arrived to the city, the tram has become almost obsolete. Most of the lines still in operation do so in the city outskirts, so to most of the people it is not the best way to get around town. Even so, line A -known as Anita- is the most famous one and circulates through the popular 'Boulevard Ring'. The tram is open from 5:30am to about 1:30a.m.


Moscow taxis do not have a distinctive color. To identify them you must raiseyour arm and wait for a car to stop. Most of them do not have a taximeter so it's advisable to negotiate the price before getting in! The same trip can have different prices between a vehicle and another depending on the car's brand and kind. Taxis considered as official are those with a yellow roof. Other ones usually belong to private companies.

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