St. Basil's Cathedral

St. Basil's Cathedral
Pic by Natalia Volkova | Dreamstime
Europe - Russian Federation - Moscow
Web: Saint Basil
Red Square, 109012, Moscow, Russia
55°45'09.4"N 37°37'22.7"E
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St. Basil's Cathedral is the city's most emblematic monument and one of Moscow's icons. It was built on the sixteenth century and it is famous for its domes, its towers with pointed and rounded shapes and the explosion of colors on the outside walls of the cathedral. There's no doubt this is one of the most special and beautiful cathedrals in the world. 
Though what stands out is the construction's exterior that's full of wonderful details, the inner part won't disappoint you. St. Basil's Cathedral has nine chapels connected by different corridors and located at different heights. Each chapel has its own tower, so from the outside you can see the nine towers, each one with a different size and height. The walls and surfaces are decorated with frescoes, paintings and hundreds of precious religious items.
According to a legend, and as a curiosity, once the temple was completed the Czar ordered to take out the architect's eyes so that he could never build anything so beautiful again.


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