Pic by Anton Chygarev | Dreamstime
Europe - Russian Federation - Moscow
Web: Moscow Kremlin Museum
Kremlin, 103132 Moscow, Russia
55°45'07.2"N 37°37'02.9"E
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The Kremlin is one of Moscow's most representative buildings. This is where the most important buildings of Russian political power are. This walled city has an 18 meters high and 20 km long red brick wall. It was also the site of the tzars' palace, the headquarters of the Soviet regime and it is the Palace of the President of the Russian Federation. You can visit this monument and also the 3 cathedrals, gardens, churches, the Tower of the Czar and the Armory, one of the most important Russian museums, all of them inside the complex. It takes some time to visit the Kremlin, probably half a day. Before or after visiting it, it's a good idea to walk by the Moskva River banks: this will make your visit even better.


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