Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
Pic by Spaxia | Dreamstime
Europe - Russian Federation - Moscow
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ulitsa Volkhonka, 15, Moscow, Russia, 119019
55°44'40.8"N 37°36'19.7"E
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Located next to the Moscow River, just a few meters away from the Red Square, there's the Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, one of the most important religious symbols in the Russian ccapital. The cathedral was completely rebuilt from scratch after the fall of the communist regime due to the fact that Stalin ordered its demolition. The building is amazing for its huge size and because of its stunning architectural beauty. Its ceilings are over 100 meters high, the walls are 3 meters thick and the cathedral can accommodate a congregation of more than 10,000 people within its walls. The interior is decorated with thousands of details, hundreds of candles on the altars and dozens of images of saints. To get inside you must wear proper clothes according to the orthodox dressing code: long pants and with your shoulders covered.


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