Moscow's Metro

Moscow's Metro
Pic by Thegrimfandango | Dreamstime
Europe - Russian Federation - Moscow
Web: MosMetro

55°45'27.4"N 37°37'07.5"E
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Moscow's subway is one of the things you can't afford to miss in your trip to the Russian capital because it's not just any metro. When we think about a subway, the idea of functional facilities usually comes to mind. Facilities that aren't specially nice nor well decorated, but this isn't the case in Moscow. The Communist Party lead by Stalin, decided to build the underground in 1933 as something that would evoke Russia's great future. And the truth is they succeeded because the result of their work is spectacular. Most of the stations, especially the oldest ones, are true works of art both at an architectural and decorative level. This is why the metro facilities are also known as the "underground palace". The most important and beautiful stations are Mayakovskaya station, with Stalinistic and futuristic details, Novokuznetskaya station -decorated with dozens of murals, paintings and tiles- and Ploschad Revolutsii station, filled with bronze statues of peasants and soldiers. But even though these are the most spectacular ones, all the stations are worth a visit. The marble, sculptures, chandeliers and stairs will leave you speechless.
Leaving aside Moscow Metro beauty, the underground facilities also have another title: some lines have the depth world record, some stations are 84 meters under the ground! And one other thing, some of the stops have the longest escalators in Europe.


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