Basilica of the Sacred Hearth Koekelberg

Basilica of the Sacred Hearth Koekelberg
Pic by Sergey Dzyuba | Dreamstime
Europe - Belgium - Brussels
Web: Basilica of the Sacred Hearth Koekelberg
1083 Bruxelles, Belgium
50°52'01.7"N 4°19'01.7"E
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Located somewhat far from downtown, the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur- or KoeKelberg- is one of the most impressive churches in Brussels. The temple is 89 meters high and 167 meters long, dimensions that turn it into the world's 5th largest church.
This amazing Art Deco building was built to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Belgium independence in 1901, but due to the two world wars, it wasn't finished until 1971.
The best thing about this church is the viewpoint from its terrace 53m above sea level, it offers a spectacular view of Brussels. In addition, the park surrounding the Basilica is very nice and quiet, a good place to stroll by.


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